Auditing Solution for Matrix

Problem Statement

Mondelez has provided high value Visicoolers to retailers over the years. They wanted to know the current visicooler availablity status.

  • Type of visicooler available
  • To Know the current working condition of the visicooler.
  • The current usage/Purity status. 

Few complication arose on how to reach the retailers spread across geography, without disturbing the existing sales distribution personnel 

Reach the majority of the retail stores with incomplete address, changed retailer names.

How to get authentic data on visicooler availability, working condition and purity


Implementers were chosen to address the challenges. An unique App was built for reporting the status with photo taking options. Route plans were formed basis the distributor salesmen beats and Training dock where created. Over 100+ temparory resources were hired and trained. Auditors reporting where monitored vertually.


Client was provided with every day audit updates with relevent data analytics. Excel and PDF reports were provided as per the client reporting formats and timelines. Client was provided with portal access, so that any time client can download data and view photos