ICICI Merchandising

Problem Statement

ICICI was losing revenue because their current account holders were using different UPI app for receiveing payments.To stop customers using other app, unquie QR code for each customer was created.

  • How to reach the customer spread across geography.
  • How to ensure the correct QR code reach the right customer
  • How to ensure that the customers start using the QR code for receiving payments
  • How to make consumers aware of ICICI UPI app


Implementers were Chosen to execute the QR code installation. Clusters were formed ,QR code shipped to Cluster heads, A special App was built for reporting data and taking pictures, with an unquie feature for verfying the correct QR code is placed at the right customer point. Training docket was created 

300+ Temprory resource were hired, both online and Offline installation training was provided.

To create consumer awarness, QR Code stickers and Easy pay Posters were placed in highly visible area.

Photo Auditors were deployed to verfiy the Execution


ICICI were provided with every day installation update and analytics 80k installation was done on customer premises.

80k photo proof was provided to ICICI on the instalation of the QR codes at current accout holders location. All Customer GPS location was provide to ICICI