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of brand performance from the field.

implementers retail audit software vizibee

A single app can transform your approach to monitoring brand performance across diverse retail environments. “Vizibee”, a leading Field Reporting tool endorsed by a Implementers Retail Pvt Ltd, a top Field Reporting Company in India, Vizibee streamlines the gathering and analysis of essential data like product availability, visibility, and freshness. With it, you can craft and disseminate compelling, dynamic visualizations and pinpoint precise improvement opportunities. Leverage its AI capabilities for smart decision-making, simplifying field operations management. Partner with Implementers Retail Pvt Ltd, a distinguished Field Marketing Agency, for an unmatched efficiency in field reporting.

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Collect data instantly via mobile app

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Analyze all the field info at the desk


Review store/user level data & export as required

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Collate market coverage and attendance report at ease


Comprehensive excel report and auto trigger mails based on pre-set escalation matrix


View and export reports from web portal as links or PDF documents

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2500+ Users
Over 2.85 million surveys taken
Powerful BI tools with KPI indicators & Analysis
Visually appealing data visualisation dynamic with maps & charts